The service employment paycheck

The service employment paycheck

If you need help at home, your CLSC must assess your abilities and provide you with the help you need. Services can be provided in three ways: by the CLSC employees themselves, by an external provider such as a private company or community organization, or by a worker hired directly by the user.

This last option is that of the service employment paycheck, also called the direct allowance.

What is the service employment paycheck?

The service employment paycheck is a tool put in place by the government to promote home support for people with a loss of autonomy or disabilities.

It allows the person requiring services to choose the person who will provide it while respecting specific criteria. It brings more choice for the user and helps prevent burnout of caregivers.

How does it work?

The service employment paycheck allows the user to become the employer of the person he chooses to help him at home but simplifies the related administrative tasks.

The service employment check manages the employee’s pay, takes care of the deductions of contributions, and prepares the government’s necessary forms.

Eligibility criteria

Need help with eating, bathing, dressing, or other household chores.

Require special care.

Have a stable health condition.

Need long-term services.

Being able to manage your services, alone or with a loved one.

To participate

Submit a request to your CLSC.

If your situation allows you to use the service employment voucher, the CLSC will register you with the CTCES (Centre de Traitement du Chèque Emploi-Service). The CTCES is the financial institution that will make the payments and related administrative tasks.

Depending on your needs, hours of service are given to you per week. The planning is then done with you and your family.

You can then choose the person (according to specific criteria) to help you in your activities.

The CLSC will then take care of all related administrative tasks, and you will receive your services as planned.

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