Neurological rehabilitation for a stroke

A stroke occurs when there is a disruption of oxygen-rich blood to a portion of the brain, causing brain cells to die. An ischemic stroke means that there is an interruption in the blood flow to a portion of the brain, while a hemorrhagic stroke means that a blood vessel has ruptured in a portion of the brain.

The severity of the results of a stroke depend on which region of the brain was affected and the functions that region controls. The larger the region that is deprived of oxygen, the more severe the symptoms can be. Immediately following a stroke, an individual may have sudden weakness or paralysis, difficulty speaking or writing (aphasia) and difficulty with memory.

Frequent causes: atherosclerosis (plaque build-up inside arteries), hypertension, aneurism, vascular malformation, etc. Occasionally, the cause is unknown.

Neuro-rehabilitation at the Neuro-Concept centre for this clientele targets the following points: spasticity, complex gait rehabilitation (link to gait difficulties), complex upper limb rehabilitation (link to arm and hand therapy), rehabilitation of language and upper functions (link to speech therapy), evaluating driving, evaluating everyday tasks and activities (link to occupational therapy).

Rehabilitation after a stroke is it gained or shall we maintain the training?

Sometimes you do physiotherapy sessions and you have the impression that they are useless. And when you stop the physiotherapy sessions, your condition deteriorates. In the image of a high-level athlete, after a stroke, you should maintain and sustain physical activity to avoid losing the benefit of your rehabilitation. It is also the best way to prevent another stroke. Indeed, the risk of suffering a second stroke is estimated to be between 30% – 45%. In addition, the risk of having a heart attack or suffering other cardiovascular diseases is very high following a stroke. Physical activity plays a major role in helping to prevent future strokes. To do so, Neuro-Concept offers group classes, sessions with the kinesiologist or a personalized exercise program in the fully adapted gym (make links on adapted gym, kinesiology).

Can we still recover several years after a stroke?

Whereas the stroke happens suddenly and violently, recovery is very long. You should therefore hold on and continue rehabilitation. It is sometimes long but the more you work, the more you will recover. It is always very difficult to say how high, what level a patient will recover but a patient can recover tremendously.

For a long time it was thought that after a few months the recovery was over. But now we know that even after a few years, recovery is still possible.

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