Traumatic brain injury

Neurological rehabilitation for brain disorders

Interventions in physiotherapy and neurological kinesiology, as well as complementary approaches such as robot therapy developed by Neuro-Concept, promote motor recovery in adults or children with brain disorders after trauma (craniocerebral trauma) or post-surgery (ablation of certain brain areas following diagnosis of a tumour or severe epilepsy, for example) and help get them back to an active lifestyle.

Traumatic brain injury can be defined as follows: An injury causing the destruction or dysfunction of the intracranial nervous system… For TBI to occur, the head must have been struck by a direct blow and the brain shaken and cells destroyed or the neurons and their extensions (axons) damaged…TBI generally causes a sudden alteration of the victim’s state of consciousness, which may vary in severity and duration…that can range from slight confusion to a coma, in more serious cases.” (Definition from the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec)

The consequences of a TBI depend on which area of the brain is affected, the severity of the trauma, the age of the victim, their pre-existing medical history, the medical care they receive, and their support system. TBIs are categorized into three levels: mild, moderate, and severe.

Furthermore, the removal of a brain tumour or hemisphere in the treatment of severe epilepsy in children for example can also lead to more or less severe neurological consequences often characterized by cognitive disorders and/or partial or total paralysis of one or more limbs which may be associated with a loss of sensitivity. These side-effects can be reduced with comprehensive neurological physiotherapy: rehabilitation of motor and/or sensory disorders and rehabilitation of cognitive functions (ability to understand and execute) with the aim of restoring functional abilities, reintegration into work and increasing social participation.

Finally, neurological kinesiology support through a progressive return to physical activity is recommended for people suffering from brain disorders. An exercise program needs to be framed and adapted to the specific needs of the individual.

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