At Neuro-Concept, rehabilitation is done via interactive games in virtual reality or remotely via the internet with the therapist. Stay connected and access your treatments remotely.

Over the last few years, several studies have cumulated the advantages of the use of virtual reality. It improves the condition of clients; it provides a satisfaction rate of nearly 95% and is considered by clients to be of high quality and adapted to their needs.

Why choose the interactive games platform?

Difficult to travel to the clinic, keep up the pace between two visits to the centre. The platform allows the therapist to assign new exercises and monitor progress in real time from anywhere. The system is available in the clinic as well as at home. By using the system at home, clients now receive instant performance information and therapists receive the data they need to improve their training program.

For the initial evaluation of your condition, it is important to meet with the therapist at the Neuro-Concept centre or at your home to identify your needs, validate that you can access this type of therapy and develop an optimal treatment plan.

Telerehabilitation via interactive games

The Jintronix Rehabilitation System (JRS)® uses Microsoft’s Kinect technology to make training fun and interactive.

Designed with clinicians, every exercise and activity has been well thought out, tested and designed to maximize recovery in a safe environment.

The camera placed in front of the patient tracks his/her movements in 3D, allowing the patient to control the software program’s avatar. Studies comparing data collected with movement analysis systems used in laboratory settings have yielded extremely good reliability.

The exercise environments are fun. Therapists control the degree of difficulty, duration and intensity level of the exercises and make adjustments based on patient progress.


Easy to use

These 2 systems do not require any sensors on the body or purchase of technology. Current televisions or computers are already equipped to work with the telerehabilitation platforms.

Combined with conventional therapy or with one of our rehabilitation programs, this system is perfectly complementary. It also allows a quick assessment of the client’s progress and reduces manual documentation.