KINE-SIM robotic platform balance adjustment

KINE-SIM® Rehabilitation System

The KINE-SIM device, developed by the company KINESIQ , allows the functional improvement, the increase of balance capacities while practicing a playful activity in virtual reality. Neuro-Concept uses this activity simulator for neurological rehabilitation, recovery from orthopedic/sportive injuries of the lower limb as well as for fall prevention in certain programs for maintaining the autonomy of elderly people.

The KINE-SIM is a robotic balance disruption platform system synchronized with augmented virtual reality multimedia content. Simple and safe to use, it stimulates both body and mind. Depending on the person’s level of mobility, the exercises can be done independently or under the supervision of a therapist.

How it works

The disruption platforms will allow you to work on your posture because you will have to keep your balance regardless of the orientation of the platforms. The disruption effect simulated in an environment close to reality allows you to work the lower muscles of the body (thighs, legs, buttocks), but also the abdominal muscles.

With the disruptive movements, your body will naturally try to balance itself by soliciting or re-soliciting many muscles and postural strategies.

The search for balance on the platforms is a prerequisite for resuming walking or sitting upright and contributes enormously to the strengthening of the deepest muscles, which are so difficult to develop (and so essential because they are responsible for a good body posture and a straight back).

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