Neurological Conditions

Any damage to the nervous system can be managed with Neuro-Concept. Neurological disorders can have serious consequences in a person’s life, regardless of whether the disorder is congenital, degenerative or acquired (following an accident). An adapted follow-up in neurological rehabilitation by a multidisciplinary program is essential. Depending on the neurological condition, different spheres may be affected such as sensations, strength, muscle tone, balance, walking, dexterity and coordination. These limitations have an impact on activities of daily living and social participation. Neuro-Concept specializes in the management of the functional consequences of adult and pediatric nervous and locomotor system disorders. Neuro-Concept favours an approach that allows the maximum functional capacities to be reached by relying on the latest technological innovations and scientific data.

Improve your well-being and quality of life whatever your condition. You have been discharged early from hospital, you are waiting for a place in a public rehabilitation centre, you want to supplement the care you already receive, our interdisciplinary team trained in neurological rehabilitation with more than 20 years of expertise in the field offers you personalized services that take into account your needs and reality.

The Neuro-Concept centre can welcome you on an intensive training period or on a regular basis for your rehabilitation or physical reconditioning. If you are unable to travel, we can come to your place of residence or to a gym near you. Contact us to take an appointment or a free visit of the center.

Our team of professionnals will know how to guide you to your objectives

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