Training and injuries

Regardless of your condition, it is important to stay active and stay in shape to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and prevent injuries or potential complications. If you want to improve your endurance and/or muscular strength, optimize your performance, prepare for a challenge, it is important to follow the advice of an expert. Neuro-Concept’s multidisciplinary team will be able to evaluate your condition and guide you according to your needs, whether you plan to train in our adapted gym or elsewhere.

If an injury interrupts your training program or decreases your autonomy in the activities of daily living, let us take care of it. The support of our physiotherapists will ensure an adequate and effective rehabilitation. Optimal rehabilitation following an acute injury allows you to regain strength, power, agility and coordination, while taking into account the physiopathology of the injury, the factors likely to promote tissue healing and the stresses applied to the joint during exercise. Trust the Neuro-Concept team, book your appointment.