On August 17, 2013, following a car accident, I broke my neck at the c6-c7 level, which paralyzed my pectorals at my feet. Needless to say, for a guy as active as me, I found it extremely difficult, especially mentally. Losing the use of his hands and legs at the age of 19 is inexplicable. In the beginning, nurses and doctors don’t go through many channels to tell you their thoughts about your condition: ”you will never walk again, you will probably have to depend on someone all your life, you won’t be able to take the hand of the person you love because your hands won’t move anymore, etc.” It’s hard to hear, but you have the choice to believe it or not. I have been told you won’t be able to do this and that, I could have believed it and let myself fall into the trap of thinking that my life will be miserable, but I decided otherwise. I chose to take one day at a time, give my 110% in everything I do and believe in it. The first years were full of ups and downs, but the important thing is to move forward. It’s important to mention that I could not have come all this way without my family and friends who were simply incredible. It is thanks to them that I was able to continue my rehabilitation at the Neuro-Concept Centre. It is the place where I have been going regularly for almost 4 years now and where I have been able to keep in excellent physical shape, learn to love my different body, gain confidence in my abilities, pursue my passion for sports and much more. Because being healthy and well in your body is important for everyone.

Teena Marie

“I have multiple sclerosis and treat my MS with exercise. I was recently hospitalized for 2 months for reasons not related to MS. Because I was essentially in bed for 2 months, I lost an enormous amount of strength and require a wheelchair to get around. I knew I would need extensive rehabilitation to return to my baseline and walk again with my crutches. Over the years, I have worked with many different health professionals who have all been helpful. However, none were of the caliber I required at this time. Hence, my research continued until I found Neuro Concept. As a nurse, currently in research at McGill University Health Complex, I have pretty high expectations of other health professionals and I was not disappointed when I began training at Neuro Concept. I have been using both the G-EO robot walker and the FES bike. Each 30 minutes session is supervised by a physiotherapist or kinesiologist who use their expertise to provide feedback, guidance and encouragement. I am positioned in front of a mirror to help me visually integrate the feedback. This has been instrumental in assisting me with my continued recovery. I have increased strength and have now walked short distances using my crutches. I feel confident my return to baseline is within sight. Always professional, members of the team are courteous, punctual and always encouraging.”

I have since recommended Neuro Concept to my neurologist, my family doctor, colleagues and friends alike.


At the age of 4, we heard the words no parent would want to hear, our little Anthony had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After 8 months of intensive therapy, Anthony was able to start kindergarten. He was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and everything seemed to be going well until October 28, 2018 when our energetic son lost all strength and mobility in his legs and arms overnight and could no longer breathe on his own. Once again our life was turned upside down when we learned he had the Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) virus. After 2 weeks in intensive care, 2 months in the hospital and now 9 months in a rehabilitation center, our son has to start all over again. Thanks to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation therapy, FES bicycle, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, walking robot, horseback riding and many other therapies, Anthony proves to us every day that he will one day walk again and raise his arms! My husband and I do everything to support him, to encourage him, to motivate him! And we know that with myelitis, intensive therapy is the solution.

– Anthony’s mother


Leonardo is a Brazilian man, who realized his dream of coming to live in Quebec in 2014. He has a Master’s degree in Business Law and was in the process of starting his doctorate in law at the University of Montreal when he suffered a pulmonary embolism followed by two prolonged cardiac arrests while he was already recovering from Achilles tendon surgery. After spending a lot of time in a coma, he woke up to find that the pulmonary embolism and cardiac arrests had not left him unharmed. He was suffering from spastic tetraplegia and had difficulty with his vision. In spite of his troubling after-effects, he was full of hope and his head full of dreams. He is now undergoing rehabilitation at the Neuro-Concept Centre. The team’s technologies and expertise allow him to be mobilized like nowhere else and to continue to progress.

Mélanie Joannette

I have been attending this center for a year for my child with transverse myelitis. Excellent support and use of innovative technologies in therapy. Remarkable progress was made in the past year. These have been observed by health professionals who are very impressed with them. Not only do we understand very well the needs related to my child’s condition, which is very rare, but the therapists believe in his recovery capacities. They do not hesitate to do everything possible to meet our needs. The founder has a large network of international collaborators, which, in my opinion, is an added value. We quickly felt his dedication to his customers.

Sylvain Cloutier

I love this place, every day I see that they are doing wonders with their patients, they put their heart into it, a special bond is established between them and us (clients) Murielle is always looking for projects research to improve our healing / rehabilitation, the atmosphere is friendly, I highly recommend….

Jocelyne Ladouceur

Very professional very well equipped for all patients who have suffered neurological accidents. Exceptional place

Ben Ralph

5 stars is not enough, this place exceeds all expectations. The staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. In addition, this center uses the latest technologies merged with the latest knowledge in the field. Although this is a private center, the sessions are reasonably priced and worth every penny.