Innovation, research and development

NeuroTeQ is an expertise and consultation service in innovation, research and development, using the private neurorehabilitation center Neuro-Concept as a living research laboratory.

NeuroTeQ’s services make it possible to test the most recent and promising rehabilitation technologies as well as to validate clinical protocols. You are a clinician, an industrialist, a researcher and you have a great idea for a study that you would like to conduct or a prototype to develop or test in a real environment? We can help you.

A research laboratory
at your disposal.

Clinical studies can dramatically expand your professional repertoire and give you the credibility you need with your clients through scientific evidence. This may seem like a tedious task to you; but with our support you can make it happen.

We can help you in the steps to start a clinical project, plan it and coordinate it from the start to the publication of the results as well as direct you to the right resources.

Experts in physical rehabilitation

You are developing a healthcare innovation, a technology for physical rehabilitation or a technical aid and you need clinical expertise to better define the needs, the market and adapt your technology accordingly? We are experts in this field.

We would be your support in order to optimize the management of physical rehabilitation, prevention and have an impact on clinical practice and the quality of life of the population.