“I have multiple sclerosis and treat my MS with exercise. I was recently hospitalized for 2 months for reasons not related to MS. Because I was essentially in bed for 2 months, I lost an enormous amount of strength and require a wheelchair to get around. I knew I would need extensive rehabilitation to return to my baseline and walk again with my crutches. Over the years, I have worked with many different health professionals who have all been helpful. However, none were of the caliber I required at this time. Hence, my research continued until I found Neuro Concept. As a nurse, currently in research at McGill University Health Complex, I have pretty high expectations of other health professionals and I was not disappointed when I began training at Neuro Concept. I have been using both the G-EO robot walker and the FES bike. Each 30 minutes session is supervised by a physiotherapist or kinesiologist who use their expertise to provide feedback, guidance and encouragement. I am positioned in front of a mirror to help me visually integrate the feedback. This has been instrumental in assisting me with my continued recovery. I have increased strength and have now walked short distances using my crutches. I feel confident my return to baseline is within sight. Always professional, members of the team are courteous, punctual and always encouraging.”

I have since recommended Neuro Concept to my neurologist, my family doctor, colleagues and friends alike.