Motorized dermoskeleton for movement assistance

KeeogoTM is a device for assisting human mobility. Based on an exclusive technology called “DermoskeletonTM“, KeeogoTM is a new type of lightweight exoskeleton providing robotic assistance to the legs. The device detects the person’s movements, intervenes, and then assists the person with motorized assistance. Keeogo™, short for “Keep on Going”, is used by people suffering from pathologies such as osteoarthritis of the knee, muscular or neurodegenerative disorders, partial spinal cord injury or brain injuries and other diseases limiting mobility.

It is used as rehabilitation equipment or as an assistive device at home, at work or outdoors to facilitate daily activities.

The Keeogo is intended for people who are able to walk with little endurance or use a technical aid such as a cane or walker but is not suitable for people who are too weak in the hips or lower limbs or with foot drop problems. The keeogo is a walking aid and does not replace your legs.

Its design also makes it an interesting technology for elderly people who wish to move around while walking for longer periods of time or to help them get up and down stairs by reducing the risk of falling due to fatigue.

You can check out B-Temia’s videos about the Keego and their other products here.