Walking Training Robots

Re-learning to walk after trauma, amputation, stroke or neurodegenerative disease… is a time-consuming ordeal that requires many rehabilitation sessions. In Montreal, the Neuro-Concept Health Centre has chosen to combine neurological physiotherapy sessions with robotics. Through intensive training (link to intensive rehabilitation), these devices stimulate the learning of patients with motor disorders.

“The device works on neuroplasticity. By repeating the same gait, the same movements… We end up finding gait patterns in children and adults with central neurological pathologies where walking is very impaired,” explains Dr. Murielle Grangeon, PhD, founder of Neuro-Concept.

In the case of complete paralysis, these robots can also mobilize the person and provide cardiovascular exercise while standing. Walking with robotic assistance thus plays a preventive role against the consequences of sitting or lying in a wheelchair for long periods of time (prevention of wounds, fight against osteoporosis, improvement of the cardiovascular system and intestinal transit, etc.) in addition to the psychological benefit of being able to walk again even with assistance.

From robots with body weight support allowing to mobilize even severely affected people to exoskeletons or dermoskeletons allowing to move inside and outside, you will find all these technologies at the Neuro-Concept center. Depending on your needs, the multidisciplinary team will integrate its technologies into your treatment plan.