The Amadeo® of Tyromotion

The use of upper limb robotics allows for early, intensive, repetitive and contextual management. These are basic principles in neurological rehabilitation.

The Amadeo® of Tyromotion mimics the natural gripping movement. Cortical plasticity, stimulated by the repetition of hand and finger movements, would allow a reorganization of the neuro-motor functions, thus promoting the relearning of the grasp. The Amadeo system could reinforce the phenomenon of neuroplasticity to help the functional recovery of gripping, as well as finger and hand strength. A decrease in spasticity has also been observed in some studies.

As a complement to our functional electrical stimulation therapies for the upper limb and hand or constraint therapy, robotic assistance for the hand allows to increase the amount of repetitions and the amplitude of movements while having fun with the game interface.

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