PoNSTM Program

Neuro-Concept is a licenced PoNSTM clinique in Montreal, Quebec, with a portion of our PoNSTM certified therapists guiding patients through the protocol. The PoNSTM System is an innovative, non-surgical medical device that delivers mild electrical stimulation to nerves on the surface of the tongue that connect to nerves in the brain. Visit our technology section for more information on the system.

Pons - Neuro-concept
Pons - Neuro-concept
Pons - Neuro-concept

Our PoNSTM program

Balance and gait disorders can have an impact on quality of life. If you have trouble walking, feel unsteady, or are unable to do the activities that bring you pleasure in your life, PoNS™ may be an option for you. At Neuro-Concept, the PoNS™ program is a complete program that can be done in the clinic and at home or 100% online.

After an initial consultation, you will participate in a series of assessments to establish your personalized program. These assessments will also allow your PoNS™ certified therapist to measure your progress throughout the program

The multi-week program combining clinic and home includes the following elements:

  • PoNSTM device
  • Complete initial and final evaluations, with a full report.
  • Individual treatment sessions
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Motor imagery sessions and mental training
  • Combined technology sessions
  • Targeted therapy sessions
  • Unlimited access to the adapted gym
  • Ongoing support from the PoNSTM certified therapist

Depending on your insurance, the program may be partially or fully covered.

Book a free consultation with one of our certified therapists for more information and to establish your eligibility.