Optimization of sports performance

Being physically active, possible for all

The desire to optimize sport performance affects not only high performance athletes but also anyone who wants to perform in an activity. There are many different sports and different levels of practice. But whatever the level of practice, one can have a performance objective.

You may want to increase your endurance in running or wheelchair propulsion or even walking to participate in marathons, competitions, etc. Or maybe you want to improve your trunk balance to catch a ball on the ground in quad rugby or to score in basketball.

It can be a sport of a professional team, but also a leisure activity practiced without competition. When you set goals that aim to surpass yourself: ride several dozen km on a handcycle or manage to ride the moderate trail rather than the easy trail on the next ride; this is referred to as optimizing your sporting performance.

It is important to know that if you have a neurological condition that limits you, you can still be part of a sports team, with all the benefits that this implies: social participation, healthy lifestyle habits, general fitness.

To increase your endurance, speed, balance, strength, precision and coordination, our kinesiologists can build a training program targeted to your needs. Kinesiologists are experts in sports performance and movement, whatever your activity, they will know what skills you need to improve in training and how to do it.

In addition to the kinesiologist, physiotherapy targets deficits (e.g. balance, coordination) and finds ways to optimize your functions. In other cases, it helps you find motor strategies to compensate for the disabilities, always with the goal of optimizing your sports performance.

It is important to stay active and find activities that are meaningful to you. When this is done, the motivation to always surpass yourself comes naturally and optimizing your performance is an integral part of the training program.