Cancer and leukemia

During and after cancer treatments

In Canada, one in two people will be affected by cancer during their lifetime. Unfortunately, the side effects and difficulties in regaining overall well-being and quality of life are a reality for many survivors.

Lymphedema is the swelling that occurs when lymph cannot circulate properly and accumulates in the soft tissue of a limb. The complex decongestive therapy practiced by physiotherapists can significantly reduce swelling through manual lymph drainage, skin care, pressure dressings, exercise and wearing compression garments. Peripheric neuropathies and axillary cords can also be treated with physiotherapy. Cancer can have a serious impact on your mobility, and a physiotherapist is the right person to address them.

Fatigue, side effects, stress…which unfortunately do not reduce with more sleep. Physical activity, energy management, massage therapy can help you. Let our kinesiologists guide you during group or individual physical activity sessions.

At the Neuro-Concept centre, our mission is to improve your condition through a wide range of services aimed at overcoming the physical consequences of cancer. Our interdisciplinary team also wants to help survivors develop healthy lifestyle habits to prevent the risk of recurrence.