Telerehabilitation for safe treatment at distance 

Telerehabilitation is a virtual rehabilitation session with your therapist via your computer, phone, or tablet. Your professional can carry out the initial assessment and follow-up of your condition, all in the comfort of your home, without having to travel. 

What happens during a session? 

  1. Making the first appointment: If you are not already a patient at Neuro-Concept, you will need to  contact us to make an appointment. Our receptionist or one of our therapists will ask you a few questions about your condition and then we will proceed to make an appointment if you are eligible for this type of service.
  2. Pre-admission questionnaire and opening of your file: Once your appointment has been confirmed, we will send you a health questionnaire to be completed before the appointment and a link to our secure telerehabilitation platform.
  3. The session: Finally, Login via the link you received by email at the time of your appointment on your computer, phone or tablet. The therapist will be able to assist you in your session, whether it is your first meeting or a follow-up appointment.

Is telerehabilitation good for me? 

Telerehabilitation can be for everyone, but in certain circumstances a face-to-face appointment may be preferable. The therapist will take the time to assess your needs with you and can then provide you with recommendations and find the most suitable way to help you. 

What are the benefits of telerehabilitation? 

  1. Meets the rehabilitation needs of the population for people living in remote areas, in times of pandemic, or for those with busy schedules or complicated travel to the clinic. 
  2. Improves accessibility to Neuro-Concept’s specialized services and expertise no matter where you live. 
  3. Improves the continuity of interventions. 
  4. Reduces travel and associated time losses. 
  5. Enhances the quality of life of Neuro-Concept clients and their families. 

Telerehabilitation is not for you but you want to stay in the comfort of your own home, take advantage of our home service or our online exercise studio