Regardless of your age, whether you are young or old, whether you are recovering, in rehabilitation, a sports person or not, high-quality osteopathic treatments can help you. At Neuro-Concept center, you benefit from an interdisciplinary health team, who collaborate to achieve your goals and ensure consistency in your program. Osteopathy is an integral part of it.

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that consists in restoring the balance of the human body and optimizing its capacity for self-regulation. It allows the restoration of the capacity of movement through precise palpatory acts. Osteopathy is a global approach, which consists in finding and treating the causes of pain and dysfunctions of the body whether it is on the musculoskeletal, vertebral, nervous, cranial or visceral level.

osteopathie readaptation neurologique

Osteopathy is a gentle practice for anyone who is experiencing malaise, pain or discomfort. From infants to adults, from athletes to people with neurological condition, osteopathy can help a cyclist improve his or her performance as well as help a person with a degenerative disease or neurological condition.

In order to optimize your treatment plan, to complement other therapies, or to allow you to treat certain health problems that cannot be fixed despite the intervention of other health professionals, call one of our osteopaths.

Our team of professionnals will know how to guide you to your objectives

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