Neurological Physiotherapy

Our team is made up of physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists specialized in treating clients with neurological conditions .

Neurological physiotherapy helps you regain your maximum physical and functional capacities by various approaches. For example:

  • Therapeutic exercise,
  • The robot-therapy,
  • Functional rehabilitation (walking, gripping, posture),
  • Orthopaedic and myofascial manual therapy (muscles and their envelopes)
  • Functional electrical stimulation,
  • The interactive game.

Physiotherapy objectives can be to improve walking and balance (link to posture and mobility), improve physical endurance, decrease pain, etc. In neurology, the physiotherapist will pay particular attention to neurological symptoms such as spasticity, decreased sensitivity and neurogenic pain.

Neuro-Concept promotes an active physiotherapy approach, meaning that the client and his family or caregivers will receive advice, recommendations and teachings to be as proactive as possible in physiotherapy. To promote the plasticity of the central nervous system (mechanisms that allow the brain and spinal cord to change during learning), movements must be repeated and practiced. The professional will make sure to stimulate the right components of the body and will choose the best way to do so. In most cases, a variety of approaches will be necessary.

Physiotherapist’s college of Quebec: