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Neuro-Concept online allows you to access free adapted training online

Neuro-Concept Online is a video platform that you can access to facilitate your rehabilitation and physical training. By supporting neurological clients towards their well-being, Neuro-Concept Online presents videos for adapted physical exercises with our certified kinesiologists and for adapted yoga with our certified therapist. New videos are posted online every week.

Access the adapted exercise classes

Practicing a little more exercise online doesn’t have to mean becoming an elite athlete. It can be as simple as adding an activity to your normal routine or starting a new hobby. However, follow-up by an expert in the field, such as the kinesiologist, is still necessary to guide you in your intensity of work, the precautions to take and the personalization of your training. Online classes are a way to increase your activity but cannot replace the advice of a professional in relation to your condition.

Science has long demonstrated the health benefits of exercise. Physical activity allows you to be in good physical condition (flexibility, muscle strengthening, etc…). It improves endurance (ability to resist fatigue), strength, coordination (skill, precision) and your overall health including your psychological state. 

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If you have a doubt or question about your ability to take an online course, ask one of our kinesiologists.

Access to the adapted yoga classes

 “Yoga teaches to heal what you can’t endure, and to endure what you can’t heal.”  This millennial Indian practice is a global art that aims to reunite, balance and soothe the body and mind. Its main tools are a combination of asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditation). 

 The scientific literature shows that yoga has many therapeutic benefits. Compared to the lack of care, yoga has a positive effect on anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. It surpasses a simple physical activity. Despite the variety of approaches with more than twenty types of yoga with a myriad of postures, breathing exercises and meditation that combine infinitely, according to a recent study, the benefits of yoga do not differ according to the style chosen.

So don’t wait any longer for the right yoga class or choose a personalized online session with our specialized therapist Sarah-Jeanne