Kinesiology: Healthy and Active Life style

Our certified kinesiologists, experts in adapted physical activity, offer you a multitude of services personalized to your condition. Take advantage of their expertise to optimize your performance, to regain, acquire or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You will find at the Neuro-Concept centre, a gym adapted for everyone, whether you are struggling with a physical disability, a neurological condition, chronic pain or simply want to maintain your physical health or increase your physical performance.

Our kinesiologists are members of the Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec and regularly update their knowledge in order to offer you quality services and an approach adapted to your goals.

Kinesiology is a recognized practice that helps you regain a good balance in your life, whether you are struggling with a neurological condition or not. This practice promotes autonomy and/or performance by increasing capacities (such as mobility, muscular strength, endurance to effort, endurance to positions…). Working in an interdisciplinary manner with other internal and external health professionals (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologist, physiatrist, etc.), the kinesiologist ensures that you are taken care of and that your needs are met.

If you wish to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle or reach a sporting goal, the kinesiologist will be able to supervise you and set up a personalized exercise or physical activity program with you.

What does the kinesiologist do with you?

Initial evaluation (kinesiology evaluation 60 to 90 minutes)

The evaluation is a check-up of your physical condition in several aspects. After taking objective measurements, the kinesiologist will give you an interpretation of the results and their impact on your health.

Anthropometric measurements: weight, height, waist circumference and percentage of body fat.

Aerobic capacity: an indirect measure of cardiovascular capacity expressed by the body’s ability to consume oxygen (VO2max).

Musculoskeletal skills: assessment of muscular strength, endurance and power, as well as assessment of flexibility.

The assessment is an excellent way to assess your physical condition in order to better target your efforts and the achievement of your health or performance goals. Quantifying your results and evaluating them regularly allows you to set realistic and concrete goals to maintain your level of motivation.

After the evaluation, the kinesiologist will give you a personalized training plan that you can do independently in our adapted gym with a monthly subscription. If you need to be supervised for each training session, you will also have access to private 60-minute training sessions.

Private training session (kinesiology 60 minutes)

During this session, your kinesiologist is available just for you:

  • He manages the organization of the session in an optimal way according to your objectives.
  • As an expert, he is in the best position to supervise your exercises and correct your techniques and postures as needed.
  • It maintains your motivational level and encourages you to
  • He listens to you and advises you on how to reach your goals and teaches you healthy lifestyle habits.

In fact, whatever your level or your goals, all the reasons are good to have your own private kinesiologist:

  • You want to start training, but you don’t know where to start…
  • Physical activity is important to you, but you need motivation.
  • You want to surpass yourself during your training
  • You want to train safely with the right technique.
kinesiologie service readaptation neurologique
kinesiologie service readaptation neurologique