Why Neuro-Concept

Our history

Neuro-Concept is the result of much reflection on the needs of the neurological clientele and the aging population and the personal interests of founder Dr. Murielle Grangeon (PhD) in technological innovation and neurosciences applied to rehabilitation as well as her desire to promote physical activity for all.

Neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the nervous system to modulate itself to adapt to its environment or to a new physical condition, occurs when there is sufficient repetition of movement or exercise. Does this neuroplasticity stop with time? No. Are there more optimal periods to stimulate this neuroplasticity? Yes.

This neuroplasticity must be guided by an expertise that is appropriate for the person’s condition. How to do a lot of rehearsals when there are functional limitations or significant fatigue of the patient or risk of injury to the therapists? How can exercises be done when community environments are not very well adapted for people with reduced mobility? Why stop rehabilitation at hospital discharge when neuroplasticity continues? Where do you find the specific expertise to respond to this or that neurological condition? It is by answering this question through her scientific research, analysis of her environment and her career as a clinician that Dr. Grangeon (PhD) decided to found Neuro-Concept, a technological centre in neurological rehabilitation. The integration of expertise and advanced technologies in treatments meets the need for rehabilitation management.

Our mission statement

  • To offer people with nervous and locomotor system disorders the rehabilitation and personalized training programs best suited to their condition, based on scientific evidence and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team to reach their full potential.
  • Provide access to advanced technologies to meet the needs of the neurological and aging population
  • Offer an environment where everything has been thought out for the person with reduced mobility
  • Offer a space for social participation based on a friendly, family atmosphere and listening to your needs.
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Our culture

Our culture at Neuro-Concept is built on values. Our values guide our decisions every day and support our simplest to most complex choices.

EXCELLENCE: is the desire to surpass ourselves and to constantly seek to improve in order to give the best to our clients.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: Neuro-Concept was built by a researcher. The desire to constantly push the limits of knowledge means opening up new avenues of solutions to meet the health needs of populations.

TEAM WORK AND COLLABORATION: Sharing objectives, moving forward together in the same direction and being able to count on each other, while acting with respect, is how the Neuro-Concept team lives its daily life.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: enjoy doing your job well, see situations as opportunities and have confidence in yourself and your colleagues, show empathy to make Neuro-Concept’s mission succeed together.

These four values are the pillars of a fifth one which is “CARE “: at Neuro-Concept, we understand the importance of taking care of our clients, our employees, our colleagues and collaborators.

Finally, the practice of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is a strong embodiment of our values. The management team is committed to congratulating the achievements of its employees and supporting the development of their professional careers through advanced internal and external training. This practice has a significant impact on the work atmosphere and employee fulfillment.