Dre Murielle Grangeon, PhD

Dre Murielle Grangeon, PhD


Dre. Murielle Grangeon, PhD, Kinesiologist, is the founder of Neuro-Concept. She holds a PhD in Physical Activity Sciences and Techniques – Neurophysiology from the École doctorale interdisciplinaire des sciences de la santé – Lyon 1 University, France. She obtained a Master’s degree in Technology, Health and Sport in France, as well as a Master’s degree in Motor Learning. She completed her post-doctoral studies targeting posture and locomotion in neurological clients at the Rehabilitation School of Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine. She has more than 20 years of experience with neurological clients in Quebec and Europe with a great interest in spinal cord injury, the use of robotics and functional electrical stimulation as well as aging with a neurological condition (neuro-geriatrics).

Her works and interests in clinical research in the field of physical activity and rehabilitation, allow her to analyze practice modalities around the world and to import to the Neuro-Concept centre what seems to her the most relevant to take care of the clientele. As a professor recognized in Europe, she has continued to be involved in the training of the next generation of Quebecers at the university level (UQAM) and in the continuing education of health professionals. For Murielle, access to quality education and training for the next generations is a must in order to respond as well as possible to societal issues. This is why she is strongly involved in the NeuroRehab Academy for health professionals working with neurological patients.

Her expertise in the integration of technologies in health care is recognized worldwide and Murielle is often solicited in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere to optimize health care practice modalities and bring new visions. She participates in numerous business and research projects, some of which have been highlighted and rewarded. As a good leader, she has been able to transfer the company’s values to her team and transfer her knowledge to them for the greatest benefit of clients. For her, multidisciplinary teamwork is essential in the care of neurological clients, which is why, at the Neuro-Concept centre, clients are treated by all the team and not by a therapist, thus benefiting from the complementarity of expertise.

In therapy, she targets your needs and guides you in your program while keeping you informed of the latest advances in clinical practice and technology. But don’t wait for a rest session, Murielle knows how to make the most of your possibilities even if you think it’s impossible!

Part of her Bibliography is available here and you can also have access to her book here.