Dre Charlotte Pion, PhD

Dre Charlotte Pion PhD

Dre Charlotte Pion, PhD


Dre. Charlotte Pion, PhD, did her post-doctoral studies in rehabilitation sciences at the Medical University in Montreal after obtaining her doctorate in biology at UQAM and a master’s degree in physical activities in France. Charlotte splits her activities between research at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital and the IRGLM, teaching neurophysiology at the UdeM School of Rehabilitation, teaching at the Neuro-Academy and her clinical practice at Neuro-Concept. She is affiliated with the Quebec Kinesiologists Federation and the Canadian Association of Kinesiologists.

Charlotte is passionate about neurological rehabilitation and has extensive knowledge of spinal cord injury, EMG, bio-feedbacks, MSD, muscle degeneration and aging, balance disorders and the development of muscle power in neurological clients. She is in charge of high intensity training classes for clients with reduced mobility at the Neuro-Concept centre and works on several research projects with founder Murielle Grangeon.

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